July Update and 2012 Showreel

So it's been a while. Being locked away in a tower working on projects has left me seeing little sunlight and very little blog action. A busy first half of the year you could say. So a quick update here for all to see.

Later this year I'll begin work on the next Evarane music video for their track 'XX Complex'. The Fear was very well received.....50k views on youtube can't be bad and reasonable viewing on Vimeo has been great while it has also screened on Kerrang, the PS3 video store and at the Screen Social event in London.

The band have been taking on more gigs and festivals than ever before and it seems the video has been a good springboard to take them onto their second track. The Fear can be purchased online and via iTunes (http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/the-fear-single/id497153543) and the video can still be seen right here - https://vimeo.com/35061827.

Football was a solid feature of summer 2012. An intense end to the end of the Barclays Premier League season, Euro 2012 and now of course the London 2012 Olympic Games with Team GB flying the flag. Throughout this busy window of kicking a round leather object into a net, my old buddy Mr Williams has been running his football blog - Long Diagonal Balls. In need of a revamp and a touch of sparkle, I spent a week or 2 pimping his blog. Check it out here.....


After not pulling together a showreel for sometime it seemed like a good way to kick off the year and pull together all the motion stuff that was lying around on hard drives and floppy disks from the nineties to create some kind of audio visual mish-mash of my work. Check it out below....


Evarane - The Fear Music Video

Here's the final video for Evarane's 'The Fear'. This is their debut single and I'm sure there are many more to come....

Evarane - The Fear - Teasers 4,3,2,1 days to go

So here's the rest of the teasers for the Evarane video if you guys missed them...

And these all led nicely into.......


Movies 24 Rebrand

Also nearly forgot about this little gem. After tearing down the Christmas decorations and literally pulling Christmas 24 off-air for another year its time to go back to being Movies 24 for 11 months, only this time with a brand new look. From a shoot back in September we shot some great footage in super slow-mo of our talented cast reacting to watching films and combined this with a dynamic, fresh and colourful OSP kit to match. New logos, new fonts, new Movies 24! Here's a little showcase of our new baby!

Evarane Video Launch - 5 days to go

So the launch of Evarane's first music video, 'The Fear' will be hitting our social media world on Wednesday 25th January 2012 and to build a bit of anticipation for the launch, here is a nice teaser....

Check this space for more teases in the coming days!


Evarane - The Fear Teaser Shots

So Christmas is drawing close and rather than put my feet up I have decided to take on a music video project for a local band called Evarane. I've done two shoots in the past couple of weeks for the band which I will be editing but to keep anticipation ticking over through the festive period I've created some 'teaser' stills for the band to promote the release of the video in January using some on-set photography. Check 'em out!


Christmas is here with Christmas 24!

Last week Christmas 24 hit our screens for another year, and although November may seem early to be watching Christmas films, imagine starting to work on the campaign for the channel back in August! That's what I've been up to.

We have worked on a couple of shoots for the channel. The first of which involved stop motion / time-lapse style filming with a light streak time-lapse effect composited over the top of us building up Christmas themed scenes. These are being used as idents and bumpers on the channel. This took 3 days to shoot (1 day per scene) and we used a Canon 7D and track to get the effect.

The second shoot was conceptualised, prepped, shot, edited and post produced in a mere 10 days encapsulating the spirit of Christmas in the form of a Christmas Day dinner with a 'Super 8' movie style feel.


Law and Order: SVU Ripped from the Headlines Promo

As a part of Hallmark Channel's New York City Nights franchise I worked on this promo for a selection of Special Victim's Unit episodes on the channel. I worked on the visualisation of the promo as well as creating, filming and post-producing the spot. Great fun to work on, shot in a tiny cupboard in our office and all done on a total shoestring!

Warehouse 13 Season 3 Campaign on Syfy

As part of the campaign to promote Warehouse 13 on Syfy we came up with a 'government cover-up' type effect. Below you can see the main launch promo and the teaser created for the channel.

This was a 15 second teaser created for the Season 3 launch of Warehouse 13 on Syfy. Using the creative tagline of 'The Hit US Show That Does Not Exist' we created a look and feel suggesting a slideshow of top secret government files which had 'covered up' the existence of Warehouse 13.

This was a 50 second promo created for the Season 3 launch, again in the same style as the teaser alongside a selection of clips from the show.


The Year of SVU Campaign

This was a project I worked on earlier in the year to advertise Law and Order: Special Victims Unit on Universal Channel here in the UK. This was a massive project which involved alot of 3D work in Cinema 4D, alot of compositing, rotascoping and grading to get the final look as well as months of planning and experimentation to lock down the creative concept. Also tonnes of rendering but eventually we created a bespoke graphics package for the franchise to be used throughout 2011!

Here's a short showreel showcasing the range of graphical elements we created. Check it out!